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Hoop Club Thailand Co. Ltd was founded in March 2020 to bring the best International coaches to Thailand in order to provide high quality Basketball instruction to players aged 4-18 and to grow the game of Basketball in Thailand.


We promote the Student-Athlete Pathway to help dedicated players access Basketball Scholarship opportunities primarily in the USA.


Hoop Club Thailand Co. Ltd is first and foremost a Values Based Organization. We are founded on the principles of Family, Dedication and Education.


We are dedicated to creating a safe and caring community where players aged 4-18 and their parents can come together, learn to play Basketball, improve their skills, make new friends and pursue their Basketball dreams.


We are focused on the student-athlete pathway - creating educational opportunities in the form of scholarships to the USA and helping kids reach their full potential on and off the court.


We educate parents and players on Basketball as a means for developing Discipline, Communication, Teamwork, Mental/Physical Toughness and Leadership in their young men and women.


Hoop Club Thailand over the past three years has become the fastest growing, most dynamic and engaging Basketball Training Organization in Thailand.


We are “setting the standard for youth development in Thailand” - Chris Daleo - Former Thailand National Team Head Coach.


We care about delivering outcomes for our players and parents - that means developing young Basketballers in Thailand and placing them on 100% full ride Scholarships to Colleges in the United States.


In order to reach this objective, we will continue to educate our players, parents, partners and the wider Thai Basketball community on the student athlete pathway, best practices and standards in competition, training and player development. We aim to help promote a culture of excellence in Basketball which is still in the early stages of development in Thailand.

  • Setting the Standard for Basketball Coaching and player development

  • Growing the Game and spreading knowledge about best practices to all

  • Creating a culture of Excellence and good sportsmanship

  • Securing full ride Scholarships to the U.S. for our players

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