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Bangkok's Premier Basketball Academy

Experience the Best in public Basketball programs with our unparalleled commitment to Excellence.


Our Program sets the highest standards for skill development and training.


Consistency is the key to success - regular attendance and practicing new skills as often as possible leads to rapid progress.


Our Public Programs : 

  •  Hoop Club Sundays at NIST

    • ​Future Stars (4yo-12yo)

    • Super Stars (13yo-18yo) 

  • Friday Night Lights (13yo-18yo) at SWISH


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FNL (print package EN).png

Hoop Club offers a variety of flexible membership options, and membership packages come with discounts on sessions.  Membership packages help us forecast attendance so that we can better design training programs that benefit individual players and our program as a whole.  

Flexible Scheduling

All membership programs offer scheduling flexibility to fir your schedule while still ensuring players develop their skills consistently. 


Players are allowed missed sessions that will not be deducted from their membership, however further missed sessions will be deducted from the membership package. This is done so that roster space will be available and to allow training opportunities for all players.

5 Weeks    -   2  missed sessions allowed

10 weeks   -  5   missed sessions allowed

26 weeks  -  13  missed sessions allowed

52 weeks  -  26 missed sessions allowed

Injuries and emergencies do not count as missed sessions.


  • Discounts - Get up to a 35% discount on session cost, we do this to show our gratitude for your commitment, but also to encourage players to train long term.

  • Easy and flexible scheduling - We understand players and parents have many commitments, trips abroad, and occasionally emergencies - we work with your schedule.

  • More consistent and Effective Skill Development - Practice makes Perfect, Basketball is a life long journey.  The more work and time put in, the greater the results.

  • Tailored Training - The more time players and coaches spend together, the more coaches will understand a players areas of strength and weakness.

  • Team Opportunities - Hoop Club fields 3v3 and 5v5 teams for tournaments - teams are selected by skill level and commitment.

  • Health & Friendship - "More than Basketball" is not just our motto - it's a lifestyle. We stay in shape by working hard and playing hard. Through the game we develop friendships through Basketball with players from all over the World.

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